Fermented small-calibre sausage with characteristic Salami-flavour. Popular on the Continent as a sausage snack. Easy to make with a very fast acting starter culture and an ideal product to gain first experience with the technology of raw fermentation and self stabilisation of meat products.

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Materials for a 50kg batch


Pork 95VL, 0℃ – 15.0 kg = 30%
Pork 70VL, -4℃ – 20.0 kg = 40%
Pork 50VL, -4℃ – 15.0 kg = 30%
50.0 kg = 100%


CMT Continental Curing Salt – 24g per kg meat (1200g for 50kg batch) 2.4%
Rohwusal Salami Optimal – 10g per kg meat (500g for 50kg batch) 1.0%
Microstart BE25 mild – 12.5g for 50kg batch


Natural sheep casings cal 22-24


1. Chill meat to above temperatures.

2. Dissolve starter culture in little cold water. This helps an even distribution of the culture.


1.Mince pork 95VL through 3mm plate.

2. Add pork 70VL and belly 50VL, seasoning and starter-culture and mix thoroughly.

3. Add curing salt and again mix well.

4. Mince everything through 5mm plate and again mix by hand.

5. Fill immediately into casing and link to 60-80 g (approx. 3 oz).

6. The sausages are now reddened (“dried”) for 8 hours at 24-26℃ and 86-88% rel. humidity.  It is important, that these values are strictly observed.

7. After the reddening phase (ideally overnight), the surface of the sausages is dried at 26-30℃ and ideally high air circulation.

8. After the drying phase the sausages are smoked at 28 and 80% rel humidity for approx. 60-90 min.

9. The total weight loss through drying should be approx. 10%.


The above recipe and processing information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. No responsibility or liability can be accepted for any eventual product failure.