About CMT

Continental Meat Technology was set up back in 1990 by Juergen Maurer, and our motto is simple.

“No Compromise on Quality.”

Our mission is to share knowledge and expertise with butchers and meat processors in the UK, and of course, supply the necessary ingredients to improve what they have to offer.

But we haven’t done this alone. We’ve teamed up with German Meat Technologists from Kulmbach Meat University, leading specialists in the butchery and meat industry, and plenty of others during our time as a business.


As you might expect, our growth and rise to prominence has involved many milestones. This includes the development of the award-winning and still extremely popular “CMT Traditional Sausage Mix” and its variants, which is based on an old recipe from a London Master Butcher.

The renowned seasoning company Daltons of Harrogate initially blended and packaged the mix, which was an instant hit with specialists and customers around the UK. In fact, it was so popular that it’s still widely used among the best butchers today.

Our History

1991 – CMT initiated a collaboration with Gewuerzmueller Germany and the late and great international Master Butcher – Gottfried Schuberth. This was incredibly successful and a pivotal moment in the history of the company.

1993 – CMT was granted the right to distribute natural sausage casings from DAT-Schaub of Denmark, the largest producer of selected and calibrated natural casings in Europe. This was a game-changing stage because at the time, uncalibrated natural casings were commonplace in the UK.

1996 – A partnership was struck with Perfecta Ltd and then Jardox Ltd. This was another vital step as we were able to incorporate the blending of all kinds of “British” seasonings and mixes”, as well as bespoke seasoning and spice blends.

The Noughties and Beyond

2000s – The millennium saw even more advancement across CMT, with the introduction of new technology for raw fermented meat products such as Salami, Chorizo, and dry cured products.

It also saw the development of nitrate-free salt blends alongside new agencies and technologies like Beck-Gewuerze and HUKKI Salami casings.
Between 2000 and today, a dedication to expansion and innovation has also helped us broaden our product ranges to include oil based marinades.

2021 – And the innovations don’t stop. 2021 saw the successful integration of CMT into Smithfield Casings and Sundries Ltd, to drive growth and help advance our offerings across the spectrum of UK butchery and meat processors.

The Future

The future is bright for CMT.

Our team continue to develop by using the most advanced technologies, with an unrivalled passion to innovate and excel in the industry.

We look forward to welcoming you on our journey.