Dry-curing is one of the oldest and most traditional ways to preserve meat. This recipe is based on nitrate-free “URSALZ”, a mineral-rich rock salt from the Bavarian Mountains.

Also suitable for Continental Charcuterie products like COPPA, BRESSAOLA etc.

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Ingredients for Salt Blend

The basis for the salt blend is URSALZ, to which other ingredients can be added:

Ursalz  – 36gr/kg meat

Optional ingredients

Cristallin M (Special Dextrose for faster process) – 3-4 gr/kg meat
Poekel Rot (Antioxidant for improved appearance) – 3-4gr/kg meat
Lakarom D, natural “sweet” flavour- 2-3 gr/kg/meat
Lakarom W, natural Juniper berry flavour – 2-3 gr/kg meat
Lakarom H, pure honey extract – 2-3 gr/kg meat


1. Weigh all ingredients accurately and mix thoroughly.

2. Rub salt-blend into meat. Score rind if necessary.

3. Vacuum pack meat and put in fridge.
Moisture will collect in the bags, Empty the bags every 4-5 days and reseal. The collected brine can be used as a base for a soaking brine. Turn over the bags when resealed.

Alternatively, the salted meat can be packed tightly into a plastic tray. Salt the meat as above and also put a thin layer of salt in the bottom of the tray and between every layer of meat.

Put a plastic board on top and a heavy weight on the board.

4. After the dry-curing period which should take depending on the size of the individual muscles. Rule of thumb: 2 days per kg meat.

Useful Tips

1. Meat-selection is very important for a satisfactory dry-curing process. AVOID PSE MEAT

2. The LAKAROM products are completely naturally and do not contain any declarable substances.

3. Dry-curing is, to a certain extent, “trial and error”. Only with experience will salt levels and curing times for a given piece of meat be consistent.


The above recipe and method is accurate to the best of our knowledge. No responsibility or liability can be accepted for any eventual product failure.